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Would you like to accept VDA-call-off orders via OFTP?

ipOFTP - The communication box
competitively priced, straightforward, reliable

The data is only with you and your partner

Supply chain integration

The communication box

competitively priced, straightforward, reliable

ipOFTP advantage

ipOFTP - The communication tool
All essential features in one handy gadget

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is ipOFTP suitable?

    It is typically used for receiving and sending orders, call-off orders, delivery slips and invoices in VDA or EDIFACT format.

  • Can I receive and send arbitrary files?

    Yes, communications is not limited to VDA-formats but can transmit arbitrary file formats.

  • Which VDA-file formats can be transmitted through ipOFTP

    All formats can be transmitted. Communication is not dependent on the format of the file. VDA-formats for call-off orders and delivery slips will be prepared for the screen and as CSV.

  • Which networks is ipOFTP using for communication?

    ipOFTP transmits files via the internet. It requires a connection to the local network. The local network needs to provide a connection to the internet. ipOFTPi> uses neither ISDN nor ENX.

  • Can I integrate ipOFTP in my ERP/PPC-system?

    Yes. ipOFTP assumes the OFTP-communication. You send a file by pasting it into your communication partner’s output folder. Inbound files can be found in your incoming folder. You can activate processing scripts with ipOFTP or access the files via a network share.

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