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Software Engineering
Bruno Schrade

Theodor-Kreuz-Str. 6 D 79868 Feldberg

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Data protection
We take keeping your data safe very seriously and strictly comply with data protection laws.

Individual personal data will only be collected on this website where needed for the operation of a web page/website. Under no circumstances will the collected date be sold or passed on to a third party for another reason.

All web space providers – hence also where these websites are kept – record access data. We do not retrieve incurring data neither do we process them.

At all times you have the right to request information on any data held concerning your person, their origin, recipient as well as the purpose of storing. Information can be obtained from Bruno Schrade.

Terms and conditions
Delivery includes a computer with ipOFTP software installed that will be used to transfer data online using OFTP.

  • computer: "Raspberry Pi"
  • SD-card with ipOFTP software installed
  • power plug and monitor cable

The software included is adjusted to the computer we provide and will only work with this device.

The buyer has to verify the provided computer’s as well as the delivered ipOFTP software’s suitability and operation for the area of application. The seller will not be liable for any damage caused to the seller by using .

Should the buyer decide the ipOFTP software is not suitable for his need he can withdraw from the contract within three months of purchase.

The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of the seller.